About me

I am a young woman raising ladies to seek God intimately.


TMA is a minister of the gospel, a Bible teacher and preacher of God's Word with simplicity. She carries a mandate to draw ladies into Intimacy with God through the message of His Love. TMA is a sent one to sex workers and she gives expression to this through her NGO called BGN (Blossom Girls Network)

Relationship Coach

TMA has a divine passion to coach ladies into getting it right in relationship. Having nursed the pain of seeing ladies miss it in relationship and marriage, she launched a 'Getting it Right' program for ladies (GIR), where she coached over 500 Ladies in the first stream.

Public Speaker

After landing her first speaking invite as an undergraduate in 2013, TMA resumed speaking in 2018 and has been invited to several platforms ever since. She is a transformational and inspirational speaker that spurs and pushes people into becoming the best version of themselves.


TMA is a mentor to ladies from several part of the world. She spends her time teaching, discipling & raising girls for Jesus

Trainer / Coach

TMA is also called the Canva expert having taught more than 60 individuals in the last one year. She is a trained graphics designer and a certified digital marketer who knows how to make money online with your passion.

TMA also launched an author’s coaching program where she challenges her students to write that book. So far she has helped more than 10 individuals become authors both within and outside Nigeria after the first stream of Becoming Author School.
She has also trained people on importation

TMA basically trains on anything she has knowledge of. If she learns how to make a space jet, expect her to have a training on that.